Visual Software International (VSI)
Service on demand

Before contacting VSI for support, please follow the steps below:

  • Carefully consider the nature of the problem to eliminate user errors. All problems should be referred to your local application focal point or the product administrator before contacting VSI
  • Identify the type of failure.
  • Record your software maintenance and release levels for the product in error and any related software with which the software interacts
  • Prepare a description of the problem and circumstances that lead to the problem condition including steps to reproduce the problem
  • Collect diagnostic information, including error logs, screen shots and event logs where appropriate
  • Provide contact details including:
  • Site or installation name
  • Site contact representative (your name)
  • Telephone number
  • Email address of site contact
  • Indication as to the problem’s urgency

Contact VSI support through one of the methods outlined below:

Email your problem request to the address below:

FAX your problem request to the telephone number below:
+61 2 9415 8883

Telephone the VSI help desk service on the number below:
+61 2 9274 7400

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