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PELATIS is a next generation Customer Service Management solution, which provides multi-channel Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) support for all contact types including Phone, Fax, Email, Voicemails and Chat. The ACD functionality allows all customer contacts regardless of their contact type to be queued and routed intelligently via skills based routing. All contacts are presented in a single queue to agents and can be actioned by any agent regardless of their physical location.

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) module is also included allowing self-serve applications to automate many of the routine enquiries or transactions required by customers such as credit card payments, placing orders, delivery status and pricing enquiries. IVR menus are easily edited and maintained with the built in graphical administration maintenance screens.

Inbound/outbound email and fax integration is available from the client. All correspondence is recorded against the case ensuring a complete picture of an interaction is recorded. Outbound interactions use generic system email/fax addresses ensuring all replies are also saved against the original case.

Calls can be recorded based on a variety of criteria including agent, service, day of week, time of day, etc or indeed all calls. Recordings are available to be played back from the system including the capability to search for any particular recording using the same criteria mentioned above. All customer interactions are kept online and available immediately for historical views of customer enquiries.

PELATIS has a range of integration connectors with many of the leading ERP systems including SAP, JDE and Peoplesoft. Connectors include batch data interfaces for loading ERP customer data, Remote Procedure Call (RPC) interfaces to support real time transactions against host ERP system such as placing orders and delivery status/price enquiries and Screen-to-Screen (or GUI-to-GUI) interfaces from PELITAS to ERP systems to make servicing customer more efficient.

A host of real time and historical reporting functionality is provided including full ACD reporting, ie the ability to see all active contacts by type and service/queue in the system in real time with min, max and average wait times. Agent /queue performance, Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reporting is also available.

PELATIS is built on the solid foundation of Microsoft’s .NET Framework technology reaping all the benefits of features such as zero touch deployment and Web Services allowing cost effective integration of disparate (and legacy) systems. PELATIS also uses Microsoft Exchange technology for email and fax integration and supports both Oracle and SQL Server RDBMS.

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